The aim of the national reporting platform (NRP) is to provide data for Germany on the global indicators of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Federal Statistical Office is responsible for coordinating and publishing German data on the SDG indicators and for statistical reporting on Germany’s progress in this field. This website enables the international organizations (custodian agencies) responsible for single indicators to directly download the data for their SDG indicators and use them in the global reporting. In addition, it provides to the interested public constantly updated information on the status of Germany’s SDG indicators and detailed information on their calculation methodology.

Although the SDG indicators are primarily intended to measure the achievement of objectives rather on international than on national scale, many of the global indicators can also be calculated nationally. This compilation of the indicators available for Germany is based both on data from official statistics and from other sources. Time series are available at national level for a large number of global indicators and are published here on the national reporting platform. There are several reasons why statistical data are not available for all of the globally agreed indicators: For certain internationally relevant indicators it may not be reasonable to transfer them onto the national level. Other indicators are policy indicators which may not be measured statistically at all. For other indicators, not all the basic statistical data required to calculate them are available yet.

In some cases, data are available for Germany with minor methodological differences from the internationally agreed definitions. In other cases, however, only time series with major deviations from the globally defined calculation methodology are available. This may result in Custodian Agency, responsible for the indicator, altering the provided data in order to achieve comparability on the international scale. Accordingly, the time series found in the global SDG-database for Germany may differ from those provided here. The extent to which the published data correspond to the global calculation methodology is described under “Comparability with UN metadata” under each indicator.