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Data source: Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC)

Geographic coverage: Germany

Unit of measurement:

Note: A country reports progress in SDG 17.16.1 if the number of indicators showing a positive trend is higher than the number of indicators showing a negative trend as reported in Global Partnership Monitoring Rounds.

The international organisations (custodian agencies) that are responsible for the respective SDG-indicator publish methodical explanations for the indicator - the so-called global metadata.

Here, national time series that fit the global metadata best as well as their comparability with the global metadata are presented. Please find further methodical and country-specific information in the related national metadata.

This tab provides relevant information on the SDG indicators - such as the political target, the primary responsible organisation (custodian agency) and a link to the global metadata. The global metadata is provided by the United Nations Statistics Division.