In Germany, Article 3 of the Basic Law (GG) guarantees women and men equal rights.

The Federal ministries and federal agencies are obliged to take gender-specific measures into account in their spending policies. As a result of this mainstreaming approach, funds to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women can be found in almost all budget items of the federal government.
Gender budgeting as an instrument is not applied in the federal budget, but is used in some federal states.

The international organisations (custodian agencies) that are responsible for the respective SDG-indicator publish methodical explanations for the indicator - the so-called global metadata.

Here, national time series that fit the global metadata best as well as their comparability with the global metadata are presented. Please find further methodical and country-specific information in the related national metadata.

This tab provides relevant information on the SDG indicators - such as the political target, the primary responsible organisation (custodian agency) and a link to the global metadata. The global metadata is provided by the Uited Nations Statistics Division.