Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I suggest new or different data sources?

If you have feedback on the data sources we have used or have suggestions for new data sources then please contact us here

What does the reporting status mean?

We have used four different types of reporting status for an indicator, which are also colour coded:

Where there is additional information about the status of indicator data collection and reporting, this will be displayed at the top of the indicator page.

How are data gaps filled?

In case there are no data available for an indicator, possible data sources are sought and assessed according to our quality standards. If they pass, the indicator is published in the reporting platform.

For some indicators, although there may be data available at the national level, the existing data sources don’t always allow us to disaggregate by all required categories.

Thus, either new data sources need to be found, or existing ones to be linked, or data to be model. This is constantly supported by the respective thematic department in the Federal Statistical Office.

What does disaggregation mean?

Disaggregation is used to assess an indicator in more detail by dividing it into subcategories. The most common ones are age or gender. Every indicator has its own specific set of disaggregation categories which are provided either in the indicator’s name or by the international organization responsible for the indicator.

Can other countries copy this website?

The website may be used by other countries to build their own national reporting platform. Conditions for using Github apply. For more information please visit guidance.