Sustainable Development Goals - 17 Goals to Transform our World

Indicator 10.4.2

Redistributive Impact of Fiscal Policy

This indicator is affected by the 2020 revision - data availability is currently under review.

The international organisations (custodian agencies) that are responsible for the respective SDG-indicator publish methodological guidelines for the calculation of the indicator - so-called global metadata.

Displayed here are the national time series that fit the global metadata best as well as their comparability to the global metadata. Please find further methodical and country-specific information of the time series in the related national metadata sheet.

Time series available
Comparability with global metadata
Link to national metadata
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This table provides information on metadata for SDG indicators. Global metadata is provided by the UN Statistics Division.

Target name

Politische Maßnahmen beschließen, insbesondere fiskalische, lohnpolitische und den Sozialschutz betreffende Maßnahmen, und schrittweise größere Gleichheit erzielen

Indicator name

Redistributive Impact of Fiscal Policy

Designated tier

Tier II

Custodian agency

World Bank (WB)

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