Sustainable Development Goals - 17 Goals to Transform our World

Reporting Status

The reporting status gives you an overview of how many Sustainable Development Goal global indicators (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda can currently be calculated for Germany. The time series for the calculation of the indicators are mainly based on data from official statistics, but also use data collected by many other institutions. Where data are available, the indicator is marked as  Reported online . A suitable data source is still being sought for other indicators. These indicators are marked as  Exploring data sources . Time series are not available for all globally agreed indicators. There can be various reasons for this: the calculation of certain internationally relevant indicators for Germany alone makes little sense or the indicators can only be compiled in a global context. Such indicators are marked as  Not applicable .

Overall Reporting Status247 indicators

150Reported online61%
87Exploring data sources35%
10Not applicable4%

No poverty 13 indicators

4Reported online31%
9Exploring data sources69%
0Not applicable0%

Zero hunger 14 indicators

9Reported online64%
5Exploring data sources36%
0Not applicable0%

Good health and well-being 28 indicators

21Reported online75%
7Exploring data sources25%
0Not applicable0%

Quality education 12 indicators

8Reported online67%
4Exploring data sources33%
0Not applicable0%

Gender equality 14 indicators

8Reported online57%
6Exploring data sources43%
0Not applicable0%

Clean water and sanitation 11 indicators

9Reported online82%
2Exploring data sources18%
0Not applicable0%

Affordable and clean energy 6 indicators

4Reported online67%
0Exploring data sources0%
2Not applicable33%

Decent jobs and economic growth 16 indicators

13Reported online81%
3Exploring data sources19%
0Not applicable0%

Industry, innovation and infrastructure 12 indicators

10Reported online83%
2Exploring data sources17%
0Not applicable0%

Reduced inequalities 14 indicators

5Reported online36%
8Exploring data sources57%
1Not applicable7%

Sustainable cities & communities 14 indicators

8Reported online57%
6Exploring data sources43%
0Not applicable0%

Responsible consumption and production 13 indicators

7Reported online54%
5Exploring data sources38%
1Not applicable8%

Climate action 8 indicators

1Reported online13%
6Exploring data sources75%
1Not applicable13%

Life below water 10 indicators

5Reported online50%
4Exploring data sources40%
1Not applicable10%

Life on land 14 indicators

9Reported online64%
5Exploring data sources36%
0Not applicable0%

Peace and justice - strong institutions 24 indicators

16Reported online67%
7Exploring data sources29%
1Not applicable4%

Partnerships for the goals 24 indicators

13Reported online54%
8Exploring data sources33%
3Not applicable13%

Tier I/II 4 indicators

2Reported online50%
2Exploring data sources50%
0Not applicable0%

Tier I 117 indicators

76Reported online65%
32Exploring data sources27%
9Not applicable8%

Tier II 101 indicators

49Reported online49%
51Exploring data sources50%
1Not applicable1%

Tier I 19 indicators

17Reported online89%
2Exploring data sources11%
0Not applicable0%

Tier II 6 indicators

6Reported online100%
0Exploring data sources0%
0Not applicable0%